My prints

The main purpose of this site is to show my recent ink-jet prints and hopefully to provoke some commercial interest They look very like my screen prints, but are smaller and have been created in a different way. I use a graphics pad (Wacom Tablet = a horizontal electronically sensitive largish surface) for inputting my design. I use a mouse-pen to draw with, and also to instruct Photoshop to do my bidding. Photography does not play any part in my work, but the Adobe Photoshop program has infinite flexibility. I use an Epson A3 ink-jet printer using Somerset enhanced Velvet 100% cotton 225/gm A4 or maximum A3 paper.

My prints are original prints in the sense that they do not exist in any other form. They are not reproductions of, for example, a water-colour.  See ‘About Reproductions!

In the past I was a screen printer, and made my living as an artist-printmaker in that medium for many years. I have two prints in the Government Art Collection and others in various collections.

These days I wouldn’t have the strength for the physical work involved in screen printing so it is quite pleasant to find an alternative method.  Contrary to common belief, ORIGINAL ink-jet prints using the computer require as much exploratory work and proofing before arriving at a final print as do any other original print. It is not an easy option! The computer does no thinking, no designing, no drawing, but it is a willing slave.

I have recently editioned these prints to 160 (although they will be printed and signed according to demand).  I have sold a quite a few recently with an Open Studios event, but really, I am not sure how to market them but will respond to any interest. Having a web-site is a way of being able to show them painlessly.

I also used to do etchings and have tried my hand at most things. I have included a lot of past work for any-ones interest. If anything on this site is for sale as a reproduction (for example a lino print reproduced is simply a ‘giclee’ print using the computer’s printer to copy, not create) I will make this very clear. Otherwise all prints shown, if for sale at all, are original prints, not copies.

As well as ink-jet prints some screen prints and etchings are still available, and if any-one is interested they should contact me.

Together with ‘ART’, I will also display any photographs that I think people might particularly enjoy.

Please note Copyright: Julia Matcham