About reproductions!

Computer generated reproductions are called Giclee prints, and they are also printed with ink-jet printers. It has been confusing for buyers of prints, because it can be very difficult to see that a reproduced water-colour, a drawing, or even a print, etc is not actually the original. Sometimes these reproductions are so good that it makes the argument that they are not original prints seem pretty academic. What is not of no consequence are the prices unfairly charged to those who think they are buying, often signed and numbered, originals! It has also infuriated many artist-printmakers who feel they are faced with unfair competition. Other artists, many well known, have been using mixed processes for many years now, and it has become impossible to lay down rules except for one: a print cannot be called original if it exists in any other form. If there is another ‘original’ from which it is mechanically copied, it is a reproduction!

Now David Hockney has produced editions of Ink-Jet prints people are beginning to appreciate that this IS a legitimate  method of print-making. That’s a relief!

If you are interested in this argument which rages on: http://printworkshopcentral.com/