Galleries: Government Art Collection; Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield ; Oldham Art Gallery; Middlesbrough Art Gallery; Northampton Guildhall Gallery and Museum; Usher Art Gallery; Rochdale Art Gallery; Glasgow University Art Collection; Clydesdale Bank Collection; Open University Collection; Collections of  University of Liverpool; York University; University of Stirling; Edinburgh University; Brooklyn College, New York; City Museum, Gloucester; County Hall Norwich.

Collections of Education Authorities: Manchester; Durham; Stafford; Lancashire; Norfolk; Wolverhampton; Tyne & Wear; Humberside; West Glamorgan; Staffordshire;  Manchester; Birmingham; Preston.

Colleges: West Bromwich; Cricklade; South Downs College of Further Education; Andover; Bournemouth College of Technology; Castle College Norwich; Thameside College of Technology; Tees-side Polytechnic, Middleborough; Crossfield School, Reading

Collections of Libraries: Graves Library & Museum; Southend Library & Museum; Bedford County; Nottingham; Sutton Central; Barking; Stafford; Bedfordshire County Library.

 Exhibitions:  DM Gallery, London; Pushpin Gallery Nottingham; Pigeonhole Gallery; London, Grabowski Gallery London; York University; Studio Graphics, Sydney, Aus.; Simon Maier Gallery, New York; Casa Pupo Gallery; London; Heals Art Gallery; Birmingham Arts Lab;  Thumb Gallery; Stephen Bartlett Gallery, London.

Work in numerous private collections and sold world-wide.