Screen Prints

These are prints from the past. As you can see the reproduction isn’t good, nor are the colours very accurate.  The ‘blues’ are particularly harsh! A few prints are still available and I do keep  5 or 6 copies of every one for special purposes.  Mostly they were printed on Fabriano paper 20×23″ which was the size I was physically capable of handling. A few were a bit bigger and printed by Coriander, and a couple of huge ones elsewhere.  I do miss the smell of the ink…but today’s students use healthier water based inks.  A few printers/publishers for artists still use white spirit soluble inks but the technology has changed enormously.  I don’t see any professional printers breaking their backs pulling a squeegee any more!  

Click on any image to see slideshow.  It isn’t worth using the ‘full-size’ button on the display and sometimes makes it difficult to get back to the thumbnails. There used to be a white background but unfortunately WordPress changed it! The cross in the top left corner of the black display gets you back to the thumbnails.